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“Not exaggerating when I say this tea has helped me with my so many issues and just feeling better”—, ReJuv Customer


ReJuv Tea

Completely Organic

This ReJuv Tea is made with all natural ingredients.  Tumeric and Neem have a powerful effect of clearing of toxins that cause inflammation in the body.  100% organic herbs blended together in a tea.

No Harmful Chemicals

All ingredients are organic and are selected for the natural anti-inflammatory properties.  When mixed, no added chemicals, dyes or ingredients are added to preserve.  The rich and bitterness of this tea will open you up and clear.  

5 Star


The ReJuv tea does not have the best of taste, but drinking the tea, there are significant changes. I find drinking the tea, I feel better. Cramps and menstrual cycle is much better, even with the hormonal shifts and moods. I find drinking the tea with anything helps. This includes back pain, a cold coming on, congestion, headaches and more.  

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